2022 Cinemore Recap

2022 has been a thrilling year packed with exciting projects shot in 21 countries, with fascinating people, and their moving stories.

This year we met and interviewed the theoretical scientists of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, and followed engineer Julius von Bismarck through Berlin to capture his process of building a real life tesseract. For another scientific project we visited all European EMBL facilities to create documentaries about how their microbiologists do research on understanding the universe at the microscopic level.

In London we met photographer Rab Harling in the UK to interview him about his Abandon Your Dreams project in which he shows the effect of the gentrification of London.

We also paid a visit to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, were we worked with tapestry makers, organic farmers, and robotics engineers. Among the many special experiences during our stay in the UAE, we were invited to film an intimate moment of prayer in a mosque, shared a traditional Arabic family dinner, and captured the stars of the Liwa desert. 

From the desert we went to explore the seas, mapping Viking era shipwrecks for Stockholm’s VRAK museum, and going on an adventure with the Dutch Navy’s hydrographic ship on which they work to unveil deep sea mysteries.


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