Trailer - The Principle of Uncertainty - a short film in collaboration with CERN

According to artist Julius von Bismarck, trying to visualize something in more than three dimensions makes you aware there’s an end to your capacity to imagine things. For him, this is key to understanding how naïve your perspective of the world is. For scientists, adding extra dimensions, on the contrary, unlocks a way of describing reality more accurately. The Tesseract represents both sides beautifully in one form. This film, written en produced by Brechje de Koning and Cinemore shows the scientist and the artist at work, one describing the world at its most fundamental level, the other describing what it means to be a human in it. They’re both driven by the need to get to the bottom of things. Their means and their outcomes might be different, but their curiosity, creativity, and deep respect for the wonder that life is remain the same. 

The full film will be released in February 2024


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